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auchentoshan 3 wood (lowland) £6.50

matured in three different cask types; this whisky is rich and complex
with incredible toffee and sherry oak flavours



lagavulin £6.00

the driest of islay malts, and an established classic. powerful peaty flavours
offset by sweet sherry aromas with a long drawn out finish



the glenlivet £5.10

a malt of unmatched quality. full and rich with creamy vanilla toffee,
fudge notes and aniseed with a touch of oak

bowmore £5.00

‘medium-peated’ malt with plenty of pepper; balanced
and smooth as well as smoky

glenfiddich £4.20

complex and elegantly rounded with notes of fresh pear and subtle oak

johnnie walker black label £4.00

understated and classic. notes of wood smoke and dry spice, hints of barley
and creamy toffee and a distinct herbal note



ardbeg £6.25

a whirlwind of peat and complex malty flavours, this is an exuberant,
in-your-face whisky to be cherished

talisker £6.00

this whisky has a smokey nose and the sweet maltiness is perfectly
complimented by its spicy, long finish

glenmorangie £4.20

light, delicate and floral with a subtle smokiness for a well balanced,
fresh and aromatic flavour

the macallan £4.10

the single malt against which ultimately all others must be judged.
the tradition of using oak sherry casks is maintained producing a
silky bouquet, sherried palate & long lasting aftertaste

laphroaig £4.65

one of the most distinctive of all malt whiskies. its palate is smokey
with a long aftertaste. if you like islay smokey whiskies, then you’ll
love this one, you can almost taste the sea



nikka – from the barrel japanese whisky 51.4% £5.00

matured malt whisky and grain whisky are blended and then re-casked
(a process known as “marriage”) to create a rich harmony of distinctly
different whiskies

compass box, the peat monster £5.00

a big, peaty and smoky malt with great depth and complexity

compass box, hedonism £6.50

elegant flavours of vanilla cream, toffee and coconut


jack daniels single barrel £6.80

individual barrels with the smoothest taste and the most intense flavours of
toasted oak, caramel and vanilla are specially set aside by the master distillers
for the most discerning of bourbon drinkers

woodford reserve £4.50

triple distilled in copper pot-stills, the time-honoured method of production;
balance of smokey flavours and more subtle vanilla notes

gentleman jack £5.10

a private and secret recipe created by mr. jack himself. charcoal mellowed twice,
once before and once after it is aged in charred oak barrels. the result is extremely
smooth and full-bodied with fruit and spices and a warm silky finish

maker’s mark £4.10

currently the only operating bourbon distillery to make whisky in batches of less
than 19 barrels – the traditional standard for small batch whisky. light elegant
with a deep sweetness and nutty, chocolatey finish

sazerac rye £4.95

smooth, medium bodied; has a rye sweetness and spiciness,
with hints of fruit and pepper

buffalo trace £4.50

brown sugar, spice, wood, leather, toffee, fruit; long dry finish


belvedere (poland) £4.90

silky and smooth, with a crisp freshness and light finish

chase (england) £5.30

a mild creamy quality and a note of almonds; the sensation is smooth
and entirely luxurious, inducing barely a rasp in the back of the throat;
englands first and only potato vodka

grey goose (france) £4.00

a sweet, light vodka with citrus notes, made from french winter wheat
and spring water

stolichnaya (russia) £3.50

a smooth, velvety classic, quadruple-distilled, blended with icy glacial
water and carefully charcoal filtered three times

zubrówka (poland) £3.70

bison grass is picked by hand at the height of summer, carefully dried
and then added as an extract giving a floral flavour to this luxury rye spirit


blackwood’s 60% (scotland) £4.75

produced at a higher abv to give a more robust , unique and distinctive
character while retaining the same crisp clean taste of the original

hendrick’s (scotland) £4.10

smooth, well-balanced; unusual but refreshing, cucumber flavours

sipsmith (england) £4.00

dry gin with a wonderful burst of juniper and a zesty freshness

whitley neill (england) £3.90

the first premium london dry gin to truly focus on african
botanicals; soft and rounded on the palate

hoxton gin – grapefruit and coconut (england) £3.90

hoxton takes classic juniper flavours and adds something exotic.
distilled with coconut and grapefruit, it is uniquely smooth

martin miller’s (england) £3.90

exceptionally smooth on the palate, it’s lightly spicy with floral aromas
of parma violet and clean juniper notes


bacardi 8 yr £3.90

aged in oak barrels with hints of prunes, apricots, nutmeg and vanilla

havanna club anejo 7 anos (cuba) £3.90

dark, rich and complex; one for after dinner, on its own

mount gay eclipse (jamaica) £3.30

well rounded rum with hints of nuts, molasses and oak

diplomático añejo (venezuela) £4.50

a very palatable medium bodied sipping añejo, with hints of spiced oak,
vanilla fudge

goslings family reserve old rum (bermuda) £7.00

ultimate sipping rum; it is rested in oak barrels, aged it until it has acquired
an extra luscious, nuanced complexity much like a rare scotch or cognac

pussers navy rum (british virgin islands) £4.80

sweet but not cloying; fresh on the palate right up to its spicy finish

lambs spiced rum (jamaica) £3.10

expertly blended golden caribbean rum with natural flavours of vanilla,
cinnamon and lime

bacardi oakheart £3.50

rich and oaky on the nose, with hints of smoke and dried fruit


hennessy xo £15.00

powerful and masculine; deep amber colour with a rich full taste;
woody, spicy aromas

hennessy fine de cognac £5.85

elegant and floral, with a light, delicate touch; hints of orange,
lemon, spice and honey

janneau armagnac £5.00

aged for at least 7 years; hint of vanilla to the layers of fruit

rèmy martin vsop £4.40

delicate and elegant; perfect mix of aromas: fruit, cigar box & spice


maxime trijol grande champagne vsop £5.00

classic grande champagne style with orange blossom, spice and
caramel with a great level of refinement for a vsop – a must try!

maxime trijol grande champagne xo £10.00

remarkably rich and aromatic with hints of liquorice and touches
of vanilla with a very smooth, soft finish


cockburn’s £3.50 (50ml)

aged in oak barrels and blended to produce a fruity, youthful wine

taylor’s £5.25 (50ml)

dense, ripe fruit flavours of raspberry and blueberry

infantado 10 y.o tawny £5.50 (50ml)

flavours of dry fruits and hints of citrus fruits



niepoort ruby dum £3.75 (50ml) / £19.95 (½ bottle)

fresh vibrant aroma of dark fruits which follow through on the
palate. great on its own, with chocolate or soft cheese

niepoort tawny dee £3.75 (50ml) / £19.95 (½ bottle)

delicate nutty aromas and a hint of dried fruits. very well balanced
with a youthful fruity, luscious character with a long spirity finish


strega £4.00

bright yellow in colour, due to the inclusion of saffron, this italian
liqueur is made from a blend of over 70 herbs and spices from europe,
central america and the orient

tosolini grappa en frassino barrique £5.50

incredibly popular in its country of origin, this an italian “pomace”
brandy, made from the pulp and skin of grapes is very crisp and clean



amalfi limoncello tosolini £3.50

all-natural limoncello, made from lemons harvested from the amalfi
coast, considered to be the best area for the lemons, served chilled

patrón xo café £4.70

an extraordinary blend of ultra premium blue agave tequila and the
natural essence of the finest coffee. drier and stronger than most coffee
liqueurs, it avoids being overly sweet and provides a silky smooth finish.
served chilled

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