For all parties dining at Albert’s of 10 adults or more we require a deposit to secure your reservation. Deposits are non-refundable at £5 per person dining at lunch time and £10 per person dining at dinner time.

Please pay £10 for all members of your party in one transaction, partial payments are unfortunately not possible and your reservation is at risk if you do not pay for the total number of guests your table is reserved for. (For example, if your reservation is for 20 people you will need to pay £200 in one transaction.)

All deposits are fully redeemed from your bill at the time of dining but all deposits are non-refundable if you cancel your reservation.


This page can also be used for prepayments, for example if you wish to purchase a bottle of wine in advance for an upcoming reservation.

Please enter your details and payment amount below. Card details and reservation details will be required on Worldpay’s secure payments page, when prompted please write the name the actual reservation is booked under, the date and time of the reservation and what the prepayment is paying for.

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